How It Works


 the custom tailor


   1. First, choose your fabrics.  Today's manufacturers offer hundreds of fabrics for slacks, jackets and suits for men and women.

   2. We then take your measurements to produce a garment that is tailored to your precise body style.

   3. Together, we determine how each garment will be constructed, including cuffs, vents, pockets, buttons, linings, pleats, etc.

   4. Customers should plan to set aside 30-40 minutes to order custom clothing. Appointments may be made for any day of the week.

   5. If you consider yourself a difficult fit, please note that we have an experienced master Tailor on premises every day.

   6. Deposits are required, and prices range from $799-$1299 depending on fabrics and features.

   7. Garments will arrive within 4-6 weeks.

   8. To save time for you on future orders, we keep your measurements and style preferences on file. 



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